My Aim

My Aim was to produce a Base layer that keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer heat and warm and cosy in the cold of the winter without feeling clammy.

The sole purpose was to develop a garment that could solve the problem of being too hot and sweaty in summer, or too cold in the winter. Developing a fabric capable of doing the required job was not as easy as I thought.

Two years later and with the aid of modern technology in synthetic yarns and natural fibre I managed to develop a fabric which is very absorbent, dries quickly and has exceptional wicking properties. This enables garments produced in this fabric to work in conjunction with the wearers body; it soaks up perspiration quickly taking it from your sticky bits to the outside of the garment keeping you dry and feeling cooler and more comfortable.

These Base Layers keep the rider cool and dry in the summer using a unique blend of cotton and technically advanced capillary action branded polyester fibre in our fabric known as QuikDRY, which forces rapid transfer of perspiration from the skin and directs it to the outer layer of the fabric, leaving the wearer feeling cool, dry and comfortable.

When I decided to design these garments I wanted to achieve certain things, these were; They needed to be cool, comfortable, and not to ride up under the outer clothing and to keep expensive leathers clean and smell free. They needed to look great and be very functional. I sat down and did a small drawing and then worked with a first class designer and after many hours of work and a multitude of prototypes finally came out with the first design.

Several garments were made and trialed in different conditions and the results amazed me. The product worked and worked very well, keeping you both cool and comfortable in hot weather while keeping you warm and dry in cold weather.